Support Available

  • Special Consideration: if you can’t meet a deadline or perform your best because of something unexpected and out of your control– physical or mental illness, injury etc. – applying for special consideration from your lecturer to grant an extension or other remedy is an easy process.
  • Disability Support Services: if you have an ongoing issue that impedes your studies – e.g. a chronic physical or mental illness – registering with disability services can help you with deadline extensions, adjusting attendance requirements and exam conditions to meet your needs.
  • CAPS: UNSW’s Counselling and Psychological Services are free and here for you if you ever feel like you need to talk to a professional psychologist or counsellor on campus, or if you feel lost and don’t know where to start.
  • The Learning Centre: located on upper campus, the Learning Centre offers a bunch of great programs and strategies for keeping on top of your work and making the most of your time at uni.

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